Natural fertilizer in combination with grows tent leading to more productive crops.

natural fertilizer online in canada

Natural fertilizer in combination with grows tent leading to more productive crops.

To grow large and healthy plant buds, your plants require the right fertilizers and nutrients. Similar to an athlete who requires a proper diet to achieve maximum performance level, so does the plants and vegetables. Supply your buds to the most with these natural fertilizers. You can make your own or purchase some in your local farm Centre, only ensure you know what your plant requires.

Vermiculite and perlite

Perlite and vermiculite are two commercial pellet-kind fertilizers made by heating mica to 1,500 degrees and 1,900 degrees respectively. The heating process makes the minerals to expand and become permeable. The obtained white pellet can absorb water up to three times their weight in water, they hold water, and they keep thick potting soils from hardening into solid masses when dry. The mineral itself gives magnesium, calcium, and potassium that leaches into the soil over time to sustain roots. Pellets of either fertilizer are further improved by saturating them with a mixture of nutrients that are also released over time. In hydroponic growing, vermiculite or perlite is mostly used in a high concentration of 50 per cent fertilizer, with the rest a combination of water and most proving that it is difficult to overfertilize with either product. Soil growers can apply a smaller ratio of one-part perlite or vermiculite per ten parts of soil.


When it comes to natural fertilizers, it is hard to argue with a proven formula and prepared plant foods such as Miracle-Gro which has a long track record of success.

Booster fertilizers

Plants need a huge amount of nutrients to grow properly and produce flowers. Plants make a range of nutrients by mixing carbon dioxide, oxygen, and sunlight in a process referred to as photosynthesis. To give the maximum amount possible, nevertheless, the plant requires to have a well-balanced and nutritional diet. Putting a seed on the soil, watering it, and allowing it have some sunlight will produce a suitable plant, but will you not rather have a plant that thrives? Is it not more enticing to have a plant with strong buds that is dripping with THC? If it does, then you should invest in the appropriate nutrients and feeding schedule.


Nitrogen is a booster to steam and leaf production and is vital to plant growth throughout the summer months. Almost as synergistically, human urine is highly comprised of nitrogen urea, and it has contributed to making pot plant thick with leaves for generations. The usual prescription is one bladdernut per gallon of water, sometimes combined with commercial fertilizers. Do not urinate on the crop or onto the ground near a plant. Always dilute urine in a water solution, and use the solution rapidly to avoid the formation of harmful ammonia.

Other natural fertilizers include:

  • Carbon-dioxide generators
  • Wood ashes
  • Vinegar-baking soda Carbon dioxide generators

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