Grow tents helping growers target crop with perfect temperature

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Grow tents helping growers target crop with perfect temperature

Avoiding the heat is a dilemma many indoor growers face though this issue can be solved in different ways. The following are some of the most effective ways you can maintain perfect temperature in your grow tent for optimal plant growth.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is specifically crucial since there is not anything that combats the heat in the hot period as much as air conditioner hence keeping an air conditioner can assist to fight the heat from nature as well as heat that is produced by pumps, lights and other electronics. Before you buy an air conditioner for your grows tent, make sure you consider the size of your grow tent, and seasonal outdoor temperature as this will affect the efficiency of your air conditioners.

Carbon dioxide

As easy as it sounds, using carbon dioxide can be very risky as it is only helpful when the regular optimal temperature of a grow tent has been exceeded. From basic biology, we all understand that carbon dioxide is essential for plant photosynthesis, therefore, the seize is that when you increase the level of carbon dioxide in your grow tent the level impales and help crops to perform more efficiently and hence maintaining normal function even when the condition is hot.

Air-cooled lighting

The mechanism of this action is very much easy, all it does is that it uses an extraction fan to pass air through the lamps and then eliminate warm air from your grow tent using aluminum or insulated ducting. The acoustic ducting is better compared to aluminum since it does more cooling than aluminum. Therefore, in summary, the air-cooled lights contain a glass bottom which creates an air fitted channel. Cooled air is freed via these channels and over your lamps to eliminate heat.

Water cooled lighting

This is a more efficient way compared to the air-cooled mechanism, and the reason is that water cooled grow light significantly reduces the want for an air-conditioning system. When you adopt this method in cooling your grow tent, you will use a reservoir and water pump and based on the size of the reservoir you are using; you might also require to get water chillers.

Promote good air circulation

It is crucial to make sure that the air in the grow tent circulates optimally to prevent hot spots. This will also make sure that your plants grow healthy with their leaves and stems growing way stronger. Make sure you invest in oscillating fans or have a lot of fans that will alternate directions since getting the leaves to move in different directions is essential as this duplicates their natural motion in outdoors environment this further concludes that it is crucial to have a fan at every corner of your grow tent.

Room insulation

A proper-insulated room normally helps regulate the temperature in your grow tent since it is not based on the outdoor environmental conditions. In some situations, lighting may be the leading cause of hazardous heat spikes though in most cases, it can merely be due to poor insulation especially when you have a grow tent located directly under a hot roof. Ground insulation is a way cooler since the soil offers natural insulation. Therefore, to cool you grow tent, you may need to consider insulating your room.

Other ways include better indoor light solutions:

  • Lighting your grow tent
  • Installing a light mover
  • Running grow lights at night
  • Improving your ventilation system

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