T-TekHydro GROW TENT 2ft x 4ft x 6.5ft – 2xLED STRIP 96LEDS-48W- 4ft Grow Lights- Package Kit


T-TekHydro GROW TENT 2ft x 4ft x 6.5ft – 2xLED STRIP 96LEDS-48W- 4ft Grow Lights- Package Kit


  • Description


T-TekHydro GROW TENT 2ft x 4ft x 6.5ft – 2xLED STRIP 96LEDS-48W- 4ft Grow Lights- Package Kit


1- T-TekHydro GROW TENT 2ft x 4ft x 6.5ft

2- LED TRIP GROW LIGHT 4ft 96LEDS – 6400K – 48W


2-  Adjustable Light Hangers 2pk


1- T-TekHydro GROW TENT 2ft x 4ft x 6.5ft

  • None-toxic material
  • Heavy Duty Fabric 600D wit Double Stitches, with  95% Reflective Mylar Inner High Reflectivity
  • Detachable Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel Poles
  • Heavy Duty Poles allow to hanging heavy equipments
  • Strong Light-Proof Zipper Enclosing & Zip head of heavy  duty SBS
  • Good Ventilations, Inside/Outside sockets to ensure air-tight connections
  • CLEAR window on front door for easy view.
  • Tool-Free Connectors
  • Super quick & easy assembly,even for large size tent
  • Water-proof and can be washable allow for easy cleaning
  • 100% NO light leakage
  • Easily control the temperature, humidity and light intensity
  • The tents come with equipment bars to support lamp, and fan.

​The Tent has: 1 – Front door

3 – Windows

1 – Clear Window

5 – Vantilation Socks ( 1 – 4″ & 4 – 6″)


2 – LED TRIP GROW LIGHT 4ft 96LEDS – 6400K – 48W


■ Benefits

  •  Long lifetime 50,000 hrs.
  •  High performance ≥110 lm/w
  •  High power Factor ≥PF 0.99
  •  Highest quality LED source epistar
  •  Using No Strobe led power supply
  •  Self ballasted design with no adaptors required
  •  Poly carbonite optically transparent LED protective Shield ,Dust and splash resistant
  •  Utilizes Self- Cooling Technology to create the most advanced Horticultural lighting available today

■ Applications: Ideal for Horticulture

  • Seed starting
  • Propagation
  • Micro Green Productions
  • Herb Productions
  • Plant Cloning

Any location where bright brillian light is required

■ Specification

  • Spectrum                         6400K
  • Power                              48W
  • Voltage                            85V – 265V
  • LED Count                      96
  • Luminous Flux                5280Lm
  • Lamp Lifetime                 50,000 hrs
  • Linkable                         8 max
  • Length                           46″ / 117.3cm

■ Package Includes


2- LED Mounting Clips, with Mounting Hardware Kit

2- Eye Hook Hanging Clips

1- Power Cord with On/Off Switch

1- Daisy Chain Wire (Connects LED to LED)


• DO NOT expose to water, drip or spray lines.
• ENSURE adequate airflow around lighting at all times.
• DO NOT connect more than 8 units together into one outlet.
• DO NOT force connections. Cords can fit only one way.
• AVOID looking directly at the lights when they are on.


  • For use with lights, pumps, fan, CO2 generator, light movers, etc.
  • Two outlets to plug your gear into (Do not exceed rated amperage)
  • Red switch to change from “TIMER’ to ‘ALWAYS ON’
  • Fifteen (15) minute intervals for various timing schedules
  • Underwriters Lab (UL) listed in United States and Canada
  • Easy to use and simple to operate
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 15Amps / 125Volts / 60 Hz / 1875 Watts

 2-  Adjustable Light Hangers 2pk

Adjustable Light Hanger is a reflector suspension system which allows you to adjust the height of a hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height. The support strings pull out and retract like a yo-yo. Finally a simple way to raise a hood as plants grow

Features  made  heavy duty spring. Dont be fooled by cheap knock-offs.  A pair can support up to 150 lbs!

Maxium extension length is 4 1/2 feet.