LIGHT T5 HO 4 Lamps 4ft L Complete Kit


LIGHT T5 HO 4 Lamps 4ft L Complete Kit


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The Light T5 HO Kit is an extremely efficient low heat horticultural lighting system that uses T5 High Output (HO) lighting.

T5 lamps provide the ideal spectrum for plant growth and are extremely efficient.

Because of their minimal heat output, T5 lamps can be placed 6″ to 8″ above the plant canopy without scorching leaves, unlike metal halide lighting which must hang several feet above.

Placing your grow lights closer maximizes photosynthetic response and leads to fuller growth at a lower wattage.

The Light T5 HO Kit includes T5 HO Grow Bulbs, built-in ballast, hanging hardware, a 8 FT grounded power.

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Weight 14.515 kg
Dimensions 132.08 × 50.8 × 25.4 cm