House & Garden Multi Zen 20L


House & Garden Multi Zen 20L


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House & Garden Multi Zen is an enzyme based growth stimulant which contains a specific spectrum of enzymes to insure the plants maximum potential can be achieved. Multi Zen consists of a variety of enzymes that perform specific functions that are beneficial to plants.
Some enzymes work to convert the plant’s nutrients to enable greater overall nutrient uptake. Others strengthen the plant’s immune system and aid in the disposal of residuals in the media.

Success Through Design
House & Garden Multi Zen is a powerful growth stimulant made up of a wide variety of useful enzymes, which enable your plants to metabolically exchange their sugars. Enzymes are the small catalysts which trigger these processes and keep them in tune with the plant’s growth rate. Some enzymes aid in the breakdown of nutrients making them more readily available, whilst others aid in the plants immune system.
There are also particular enzymes which help to dispose of residuals in the plants media. Multi Zen has been favoured by Dutch growers for decades and the results will speak for themselves, to achieve your plants maximum potential, provide them with exactly the enzymes they require.
For Best Results
To enable your plants to achieve their maximum potential, House & Garden Multi Zen should only be used after they are 10 days old.

Mix Rates
Multi Zen is a very potent combination of enzymes and only 1ml per 1L is required.
Product Tip
Do not use any hydrogen peroxide, chlorine based sterilizers or water conditioners when using House & Garden Multi Zen because they will kill the enzymes and reduce growth rates.

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Weight 25.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 38 cm