House & Garden Bud XL 1L


House & Garden Bud XL 1L


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House & Garden Bud-XL uses enzymes’ processes to extract sugars from the large bract for storage in the flowers of the plant.
The addition of Bud-XL will result in larger more robust flowers, substantially improving yields. Growers using Bud XL will also witness a significant increase in; colour, aroma, flavour and overall quality.

This makes Bud-XL the perfect flower enhancer!

Success Through Design 

It has been known for over a century that enzymes play an important role in the transport and distribution of sugars in plants. Using House & Garden Bud-XL will ensure that the plant’s energy is no longer consumed maintaining the bract, but is directed into forming the flowers.
Each enzyme has an optimum value and when this value is reached, the activity of the enzyme peaks. If the levels of the protein are too far from this optimum value, the structure may abruptly change and activity will decrease or the protein will lose its function. Bud XL provides a complete and balanced blend of specific enzymes in just the right amounts to ensure perfect enzyme activity and sustained maximum growth rates.
For Best Results
Start adding House & Garden Bud-XL to your plants after the first flower formations appear, visible increases in all facets of the
plants flower development will be rapidly evident.

Mix Rates
House & Garden Bud XL has been blended in a very high concentration and 1ml per 1L is all that is required to achieve maximum results with this potent flower enhancer.
Product Tip
Many of our current House & Garden Bud XL customers use this product to increase overall yield and the results are impressive.
However, most of the customer feedback emphasises a substantial improvement of quality. Bud XL was formulated in conjunction with House & Garden Top Booster, so to achieve the most significant results we recommend that Bud XL be applied in unison with Top Booster.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 27 cm