House & Garden Aqua Flakes A+B 20L Set


House & Garden Aqua Flakes A+B 20L Set


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House & Garden Aqua Flakes Nutrient A&B is an absolute must-have for all selfrespecting professional gardeners. The smart composition of the various elements provides commercial gardeners with ideal means of ensuring the optimal nourishment of the plants both in the growth and the flowering period.

House & Garden Base Nutrient Aqua Flakes A&B can be used with the following substrates: rockwool, perlite, Clayballs either in recirculating, run to waste system, Ebb & Flow and aeroponics. Great for rockwool cropbox and flood & drain table.


House & Garden Base Nutrient Aqua Flakes A&B is composed od liquid main and trace elements and contains no bulking agents like soil ertilizers.

House & Garden Base Nutrient Aqua Flakes A&B is composed of the purest high-quality nutreints that are available on the market, including Eddha-Fe(iron). This way, you enable the plant to absorb the nutrients fast and effectively. So if you want the best for your plants, House & Garden Base Nutrient Aqua Flakes A&B is an excellent solution and a great basis for a successful growth.

For Best Results
For premium performance we recommend that you replace you reservoir solution as frequently as possible.


When preparing your nutrient container, fill it two thirds with water. First add part A of the nutrient and ciculate well before adding part B of the nutrient. Start off in the growth cyc le with an EC1.2, increase following the grow shedule until the end of bloom and finish with an EC of around 2.0. Add any root growth stimulators or flowering stimulators at this point then top up the container to the desired level.

Adjust the pH value to harmonise with the nutrient solution. Do not add A&B at the same time, as this will trigger a chemical reaction in the nutrient, resulting in solidification of some parts of the nutrient and causing incomplete nourshment for your plants. Also this could cause some blockages in irrigation piping.

Mix rates
House & Garden Base Nutrient Aqua Flakes A&B will only need to be mixed at a maximum rate of 3mL / litre.

House & Garden Base Nutrient Aqua Flakes A&B will deliver maximum nutrition and pH stability when used in any recirculating system.

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