Hortilux 1000 Watt SUPER HPS bulb .


Hortilux 1000 Watt SUPER HPS bulb .


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Traditionally High Pressure Sodium lamps have been used for flowering and fruit production. HORTILUX™ HPS lamps were designed with enough violet, blue, and green spectrum to be used as a stand alone light source throughout all phases of plant production. This means that HORTILUX™ HPS lamps can be used as your only light source.

The most productive Super High Pressure Sodium grow lights in the industry.

  • E-Ballast compatible
  • Provides 25% more energy than competitive brands in Violet, Blue and Green
  • Provides 17% more total spectral energy than the competition
  • Provides more spectral balance for increased plant response and accelerated growth
  • 25% more blue, 17% more total energy


Hortilux EN 1000 Watt Super High Pressure Sodium Bulb.
Bulb is universal and can hang vertically or horizontally

Bulb Specs
Watts: 1000
Base: Mog.
Rated Avg. Life (Hrs.): 24,000+
Approximate Initial Lumens: 145,000
Approximate Mean Lumens: 126,000
CRI: 28
CCT (K): 2100

Additional information

Weight 1.36078 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 12.7 × 43.18 cm