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Micro is part of our 3 Part Plant Nutrition System. Perfect for all grow media including soil, coco and hydroponics. Sediment and Urea Free!

Three Part Plant Nutrient System


The days of using Old School nutrient systems are gone.


Modern growing systems need cutting edge, sediment free fertilizers that help them reach their maximum production potential, each and every time.

Holland Secret is that plant feeding system.


Today’s systems have aeroponic injection emitters, micro spinners, and drip spears running top producing gardens such as the Plant Tier Systems.


Growers need a cleaner, clog-free, liquid fertilizer that will not cause salt build-up. PlantLife Products Micro, Grow, and Bloom are the sediment free nutrient for your customers!


Holland Secret has the added advantage that it can be used to grow in your garden soil or the most advanced hydroponics system.


There are sixteen essential nutrients that plants require.


Three are directly absorbed from the atmosphere (oxygen, carbon and hydrogen); while the other thirteen essential elements must be absorbed through your plant’s growing medium.


The list of thirteen elements is further broken down into three key groups. They are defined as macro, secondary and micro nutrients.


Macro Secondary Micro Macro nutrients include:

  • nitrogen (N),
  • phosphorus (P)
  • potassium (K).

These are the key elements required for plants throughout their life cycle.


Why should I use Nutrients?


Nitrogen is an essential component of amino acids and, therefore, of proteins which include nucleic acids, enzymes, and the green, light-harvesting pigment, chlorophyll.


It is also the nutrient which normally produces the greatest yield response in crop plants (photosynthesis). Phosphorus is an essential part of the enzymes which help the crop to fix light energy.


It forms an integral part of nucleic acids, the carriers of genetic information, and is important in stimulating root growth and protein formation.


Potassium is involved in processes which ensure carbon assimilation and the transportation of photosynthates throughout the plant for growth and the storage of sugars and proteins.


The potassium ion is also important for water regulation and uptake.


The secondary elements are equally as important but are only required in smaller quantities. These include:

  • potassium (Mg)
  • sulphur (S)
  • calcium (Ca)

Potassium occurs in chlorophyll and is also an activator of enzymes, while sulphur forms part of two essential amino acids which are among the many building blocks of protein. It is also found in vitamin B1 and in several important enzymes.


Calcium is required for plant growth, cell division and enlargement. The growth of root and shoot tips and storage organs is also affected by calcium, as it is a component of cell membranes. Calcium is also vital for pollen growth and in the prevention or early leaf fall out.


Finally, there are micro nutrients and these are equally as important but are only required in minute quantities. These are iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), boron (B), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo) and chlorine (Cl).


Holland Secret is designed to allow growers to maximize and adjust their nutrient programs to obtain the results they deserve. We pay close attention to our formulas, all tested in real world applications, and proven results that keep growers coming back for more.


Using just the right blend of everything your plants need to grow better, bigger and more abundantly.


That’s what Holland Secret and Plantlife additives are all about. 


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