Green Planet DENSE 0-0-62 1Kg

Green Planet DENSE 0-0-62 1Kg


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Green Planet DENSE 0-0-62 1Kg

Bud Compactor

DENSE BUD COMPACTOR is a specially formulated blend of potassium designed to help harden flowers in the bloom cycle.

Dense provides the potassium which is needed in relatively large amounts to support the various plant functions critical for huge yields. Potassium is vital in the activation of more than 80 plant enzymes that regulate various functions including the opening and closing of the stoma, necessary for proper gas exchange and water usage.

Potassium is also very important in the utilisation and conversion of Phosphorous into an energy source.

Application Rates

Soil-less or Coco fiber 1-2 grams per litre / 4-8 grams per gallon

Hydroponic use 1 gram per litre / 4 grams per gallon of nutrient solution.

Once a week. Use in the last 3 weeks of flowering, allowing at least one week of flush.

Use with water only.

Additional information

Weight 2.72155 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 22.86 × 30.48 cm