General Hydroponics Florakleen 10L/2.5 Gallon


General Hydroponics Florakleen 10L/2.5 Gallon


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Clean and Clear

Over time, every hydroponic, soil-based or coco coir system can develop fertilizer residue as a natural part of the growing process.

This accumulation can result in excess salts that will eventually cause your plants undue stress.

Clear those concerns and get a cleaner system with FloraKleen.

Specifically designed to dissolve fertilizer salts, our solution not only flushes excess residue, but also releases a nutrient bond between plants and the system. This connection helps plants make the most of remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest.

Fresh Restart
No matter what type of growing system you’re using — indoors or outdoors, soilless or hydroponic, pots or garden beds — fertilizer usage is often necessary to get your plants what they need for vigorous growth.

But as plants take up those nutrients, the moisture left behind evaporates, leading to accumulated salts.

While a low level of salt residue is natural, higher amounts can destroy root tissues.

That can significantly limit a plant’s ability to take up nutrients and water, and negatively impact the growth process.

FloraKleen’s effective formula was designed to work in every type of system, and during any stage of growing, from starts to harvest.

As a result, you can cross surplus fertilizer salts off your list of concerns.

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