Fabric Pot Black 1 gallon with Handles


Fabric Pot Black 1 gallon with Handles


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Fabric Pot Black 1 gallon with Handles

  • Constructed from high quality Nonwoven fabric
  • Provides great support, while allowing air to travel into the root system
  • Improving drainage and keeping the root system from overheating on hot days
  • Help plants become estabished more quickly after transplanting

– Prevents roots from circling

– Saves up to a week off vegetative growth cycle

– Boosts plant growth and yields

– fabric allows roots to breathe

– Pots are washable and last mutiple seasons

– Keeps plant warmer in winter & cooler in summer

– Pot allows palt to be placed outside quicker

Dimensions: 7″ Diameter x 8″ High

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Weight 0.136078 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 17.78 × 15.24 cm