Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF HYDRO-ORGANIC GRO 8-2-3 1L

Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF HYDRO-ORGANIC GRO 8-2-3 1L


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Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF  Organic is a 1-part completely soluble stand-alone hydro organic nutrient, formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of plants in either soil-less or soil media.

DN Organic is enriched with OMRI certified organics and contains the precise formulation of minerals required for optimal growth.

DN Organics is made with a concentrated formula of amino acids, vitamins, humates, electrolytes and major-minor-micro minerals to give your soil-less medium the fertility required for crops that are harvested in as long as 8-12 weeks.

DN Organic is a non burning recipe that will increase beneficial bacteria in the growing medium. Organic components allow for an increase in nutrient uptake and a noticeable increase of essential oils and aromas.

DN Organic eliminates the danger of exposing your plants to harmful elements such as mercury and selenium. The potent NPK of DN Organic also takes into account the competition of microbes and clay colloidal particles that compete for phosphorous.

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