Botanicare Power Flower 2-2-5 1L


Botanicare Power Flower 2-2-5 1L


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For Flowering Plants

Power Series one part grow and bloom formulas, plus high potency plant stimulants and cloning formulas combines the technical breakthroughs of modern science with the simplicity and purity of nature. The Power Series provides professional growers with the cleaning running formulas that their advanced systems need.

Power Flower 2-2-5

Power Flower blooming base nutrient is specially formulated to maximize floral induction and development in flowering plants. Like Power Plant, Power Flower contains a full complement of essential elements; however, it is fortified with extra phosphate, potassium, sulfur, select trace elements, and plant vitamins to unleash the total flowering potential of flower bearing plants. Power Flower also contains additional silicate for increased hardiness. Using Power Flower you will be truly amazed at the size of the flowers and the brilliance of their colors.

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Weight 1.81437 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 17.78 × 22.86 cm